Monday, 8 December 2014

Across the Dead Earth Skirmish Game

I have been very slow to mention Across The Dead Earth on the blog. I have been following it's development since it launched on Kickstarter earlier this year and I have also been an active member of the Face book discussion group set up for the game. So firstly I must apologise to Dead Earth Games, the creators, for not doing this sooner.

Across The Dead Earth (AtDE) is a small scale skirmish game that pits bands of Apocalypse survivors against each other in the remains of the modern world. The first thing that is worth pointing out is the background. The rules are predominately UK based with the settings reflecting the PA world of ruined British cities and countryside. However, the expanded world allows for almost any kind of Apocalypse to be fought out in any part of the world. For example most of Europe is now a waste land inhabited my the Solus (zombies). America is a nuclear wasteland, although apparently in Alaska there are still band of military types still fighting the war. This is a very well thought out piece of rules creation as it really allows players to set the game where ever they like, and with whichever type of apocalypse they prefer. There is even a keen movement to set games in players own local areas, for example, using Google Maps satellite imagery to generate a games table based on your own local town.

The rules themselves are written from the perspective of a gang leader and this actually makes read thing them very enjoyable, as not only do you pick up the rules but you are also immersed in the background along the way...

As the game is designed for fairly small gangs or warbands each figure is generated individually, giving the game an almost roleplaying aspect. This give you control of exactly what you get in your gangs. I haven't had a chance to actually play the game yet, although my group of players will be embarking on a  AtDE campaign in the new year, so expect a more indepth review and probably a few battle reports then.

The game is also supported by a range of miniatures, at the moment made up of three of the gangs featured in the rules.

Firstly there is The Family 

 Next up we have The Red Claw

 Finally The State

I recently received the Red Claw Gang and, although I haven't had a chance to paint them up yet, I am quite impressed. They are very nice miniatures. The one thing I did notice though is they are quite small by todays standards. I am not to concerned about that though as I will be fixing them on to round bases which will raise them up to the usual height for modern miniatures. I will give a proper review of the miniatures (with photos) once I have had a chance to get some paint on to them.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Terragnosis Sulphur Incursion Kickstarter

Terragnosis have launched their Sulphur Incursion Kickstarter campaign.

 The kickstarter campaign is starting off with quite modest goals and a small selection of figures.

The miniatures are not cheap, but they are high quality, detailed sculpts that would add to any Post Apocalyptic collection.

As well as the basic sets, there are several stretch goals that give extra characters and also this flyer...

 Check out the Kickstarter HERE.

Outrider Kickstarter Campaign

There is a new Post Apocalyptic vehicle combat game seeking funding on Kickstarter at the moment. Outrider has achieved it's initial goal and is now moving towards it's stretch goals.

A card based game, it can either be played simply with the cards, or players can up there games by using die-cast model cars and converting them to PA mean machines!

 As you can see from this photo, it certainly adds something to the game when 3D elements are added to the game.

Clearly though, if you are travelling around and can't carry a pile of scenery and models with you, it is nice to be able to just have the card version too...

 There are several pledge levels, and at $10, the print and play version is hard to refuse, although the printed versions are also very reasonably priced.

As an old time Car Wars player I am intrigued to see how this plays!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fantasy Flight - The End of The World RPG

Fantasy Flight Games have recently launched a new role playing games series titled The End of The World.

The first book in the series is sub-titled Zombie Apocalypse, and this will be followed by Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion and Revolt of the Machines.


This looks like it will give role players the opportunity to experience whichever kind of apocalypse they would like. Personally I am not a huge fan of the Zombie genre so I was initially skeptical, however the second book unleashes the god on mankind. whether it be Cthulhu of the Mayan gods. It would be interesting to see Viking or Native American mythology, or my personal choice would be to see the Celtic gods and spirits walking the Earth.

The third book, Alien Invasion,  has clear potential to reproduce stories like The War of the Worlds, Fallen Skies or any of the other invasion movie/books.

The final book, Revolt of the Machines pits the players against AIs and killer robots, so clearly it is inspired by the Terminator franchise.

As I say, I am not particularly a fan of the zombie genre, but I am very keen to pick up the other three books in this series (and will probably get Zombie Apocalypse as well).

It would be nice to see the series expanded in other directions. Personally I would like to see something based around a Mad Max style apocalyptic future, whether that be a post-nulcear war, or an ecological disaster...

Friday, 31 October 2014

Choosing an Apocalyptic Setting!

I am preparing to run a PA Skirmish game campaign early in the new year. As such I am planning to build some new scenery and produce a totally new table for these games. Thinking about it there are several different directions that I can take it. I have pinned the basic list down to three different styles.

  1. Badlands - desert, mutations and ruins.
  2. The Long Winter - snow, ice and frozen lakes etc.
  3. Nature Taking Over - Buildings ruined, plants growing over everything, breaking through road surfaces etc.
Badlands would probably be the easiest to produce. A sandy table surface, all the terrain looking dusty and broken down. However, I have never been one for going down the easy route, and I fancy something a little more interesting.

I am keen to do the winter table, and indeed I am slowly building up a set of winter boards and terrain. The big problem with this is that it limits the figures that can be used on it. I have some suitably dressed figures, but I don't want to force the other players to have to invest in new miniatures just to suit the aesthetic of my table.

So that leaves Nature Takes Over. I have a large collection of flocks, static grasses and various other scenic materials, so that will be a help. Another consideration is that an overgrown table with lots of cover is ideal for skirmish games. There is plenty of reference material available, I have the two DVD sets of Life After People which offer plenty of modelling ideas. Not to mention some interesting documentaries online about the way life is returning to the Chernobyl area. Finally, as the rules that I am planning to use are Across The Dead Earth, and we will be using the UK setting for it, the overgrown setting seems the most appropriate...

There is a fourth choice that I haven't mentioned, but having an all ocean based board with floating man-made islands sounds like a great display game, but for week on week playability I don't think Water World would be that practical.

So that's it, I am going to start planning a Nature Takes Over PA table. I have ordered a piece of grey felt to use as the basic mat. I will colour down and then add terrain on to of it. Watch out for my (probably slow) progress over the next couple of months...

Terragnosis New Skinners

Terragnosis are building a sizeable range of PA miniatures. There latest addition is a group of Skinners.

A set of four scavenger type figures, ideal for any degenerate PA gangs. They are 32mm miniatures, and cast in resin.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mutant: Year Zero RPG

Modiphius will be releasing a new edition, the 30th anniversary edition, of the Swedish RPG called Mutant: Year Zero. Mutant: Year Zero was the original game that spawned the Mutant Chronicles/Warzone franchise, although the new edition will be taking it back to it's original Post Apocalyptic roots.

The new edition, due for release in early December (although pre-orders will get a PDF on the 1st of November), comes with a double sided PA map of London/New York, a set of cards and dice. You can buy the set without the cards and dice as well if you choose too. The map in itself should be of value to any PA gamers as it will surely offer plenty of scenario ideas for both role players and skirmish gamers alike.

The design and layout of the book are of the highest quality, as I have come to expect from Modiphius.

I have also included a selection of the artwork, and as you can see it is stunningly good!

I am really looking forward to reading through the book. Unfortunately I don't get to role play as often as I used to,but I am sure there will be plenty in there to use for developing skirmish games too...

Slow Death Games

A new company that may be worth watching is Slow Death Games.

I don't know much about them other than they have a one figure out and are promoting a game called Wild In The Streets on their Facebook page, which is due to be released sometime in 2015.

The figure in question, Sid The Crusty Punk, certainly looks suitable for a PA game. It will be interesting to see if any new releases are too.

Thunderchild Miniatures

Over the past couple of months I have become aware of Thunderchild Miniatures. They are producing some very interesting Post Apocalyptic miniatures. A mix Mad Max and mutations.
Most of the range seems to be cast in resin, although website does also mention metal too.

First up we have Death From The Swamp. The sculpting and design on this looks excellent and I can see multiple uses for it, both in PA games and also as some kind of Deep One for Cthulhu based games.

  Mutie Brute certainly looks like he could be of use and the heavy muscle in many PA warbands. Possibly slightly more humourously designed than a lot of PA miniatures, but still with many uses.

 The Pilgrims are another clear winner, after all you can never have enough robed acolytes with guns.

Another multi-purpose miniature that I could see being used for everything from Retro Sci-Fi games to Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the obvious mutie infested badlands PA games.

Next up we have a coupl of Mutant Cows and a pen for them. The Mootant Coop set may be more set decoration than anything else, but who's to say what would happen when a hapless adventurer wandered into the pen with these beasts.

Finally a bit more set decoration which could easily be an objective in a PA game where the opponents are hunting for supplies. You never know their may be a can of cola lying in there somewhere.

I plan on picking up several of these miniatures myself in the near future, and Thunderchild Miniatures are certainly worth keeping an eye on!