Friday, 31 October 2014

Choosing an Apocalyptic Setting!

I am preparing to run a PA Skirmish game campaign early in the new year. As such I am planning to build some new scenery and produce a totally new table for these games. Thinking about it there are several different directions that I can take it. I have pinned the basic list down to three different styles.

  1. Badlands - desert, mutations and ruins.
  2. The Long Winter - snow, ice and frozen lakes etc.
  3. Nature Taking Over - Buildings ruined, plants growing over everything, breaking through road surfaces etc.
Badlands would probably be the easiest to produce. A sandy table surface, all the terrain looking dusty and broken down. However, I have never been one for going down the easy route, and I fancy something a little more interesting.

I am keen to do the winter table, and indeed I am slowly building up a set of winter boards and terrain. The big problem with this is that it limits the figures that can be used on it. I have some suitably dressed figures, but I don't want to force the other players to have to invest in new miniatures just to suit the aesthetic of my table.

So that leaves Nature Takes Over. I have a large collection of flocks, static grasses and various other scenic materials, so that will be a help. Another consideration is that an overgrown table with lots of cover is ideal for skirmish games. There is plenty of reference material available, I have the two DVD sets of Life After People which offer plenty of modelling ideas. Not to mention some interesting documentaries online about the way life is returning to the Chernobyl area. Finally, as the rules that I am planning to use are Across The Dead Earth, and we will be using the UK setting for it, the overgrown setting seems the most appropriate...

There is a fourth choice that I haven't mentioned, but having an all ocean based board with floating man-made islands sounds like a great display game, but for week on week playability I don't think Water World would be that practical.

So that's it, I am going to start planning a Nature Takes Over PA table. I have ordered a piece of grey felt to use as the basic mat. I will colour down and then add terrain on to of it. Watch out for my (probably slow) progress over the next couple of months...


  1. Look forward to seeing where this journey takes you. Have you considered making drop on terrain that can sit on an existing green base board?

    1. Yes, but the green boards look a little too verdant for my PA liking...