Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fantasy Flight - The End of The World RPG

Fantasy Flight Games have recently launched a new role playing games series titled The End of The World.

The first book in the series is sub-titled Zombie Apocalypse, and this will be followed by Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion and Revolt of the Machines.


This looks like it will give role players the opportunity to experience whichever kind of apocalypse they would like. Personally I am not a huge fan of the Zombie genre so I was initially skeptical, however the second book unleashes the god on mankind. whether it be Cthulhu of the Mayan gods. It would be interesting to see Viking or Native American mythology, or my personal choice would be to see the Celtic gods and spirits walking the Earth.

The third book, Alien Invasion,  has clear potential to reproduce stories like The War of the Worlds, Fallen Skies or any of the other invasion movie/books.

The final book, Revolt of the Machines pits the players against AIs and killer robots, so clearly it is inspired by the Terminator franchise.

As I say, I am not particularly a fan of the zombie genre, but I am very keen to pick up the other three books in this series (and will probably get Zombie Apocalypse as well).

It would be nice to see the series expanded in other directions. Personally I would like to see something based around a Mad Max style apocalyptic future, whether that be a post-nulcear war, or an ecological disaster...

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