Friday, 21 November 2014

Outrider Kickstarter Campaign

There is a new Post Apocalyptic vehicle combat game seeking funding on Kickstarter at the moment. Outrider has achieved it's initial goal and is now moving towards it's stretch goals.

A card based game, it can either be played simply with the cards, or players can up there games by using die-cast model cars and converting them to PA mean machines!

 As you can see from this photo, it certainly adds something to the game when 3D elements are added to the game.

Clearly though, if you are travelling around and can't carry a pile of scenery and models with you, it is nice to be able to just have the card version too...

 There are several pledge levels, and at $10, the print and play version is hard to refuse, although the printed versions are also very reasonably priced.

As an old time Car Wars player I am intrigued to see how this plays!

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