Friday, 6 November 2015

Blackout: Journey into Darkness Kickstarter

Blackout: Journey into Darkness the new boardgame Kickstarter is drawing to a close, with only seven days to go, and having already made more than double it's original goal!

The game looks really interesting and the figures are beautiful.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Westfalia Publishing 28mm Wsteland Survivors Kickstarter

Wesfalia Publishing have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for 28mm figures that are heavily inspired by the Mad Max franchise.

 The campaign is a small starter that will possibly lead on to a larger range of figures. This makes a change as many companies try to push out really large ranges and end up pushing things too far...
The campaign has already successfully funded!


The final figure is an addon that will be added to all the sets if the campaign reaches £2000. As it is already past the £1000 mark this seems fairly likely!

Friday, 29 May 2015

A Couple of PA Kickstarters on the go at the moment!

I am very busy at the moment but I feel that these projects need pointing out sooner rather than later.

The Devil's Run: Route 666 is a board game Kickstarter. Using 1/72 scale miniatures to race across terrain boards.

Salvation Road. Another Kickstarter project, this co-operative boardgame seems to share some concepts with Last Night on Earth (a zombie boardgame).

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ramshackle Games 20mm Biker Gang

Ramshackle Games have just released a set of 20mm Bikers. These will be ideal for Road Warrior type games that use Matchbox, Dinky or HotWheels size cars.

This is a a nice little set for £15. I have been planning on getting a few cars to use with Outrider, and these will be perfect for that...

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Wasteman Kickstarter is drawing to a close!

The Wasteman PA Kickstarter from Thunderchild Miniatures is in it's last 3 days and although they haven't yet reached their funding goal they are on course to achieve it before it finishes.

Check it out and back it NOW to help this fun little project get funded!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Across The Dead Earth Game 2!

With our first game of Across The Dead Earth behind us, Del, Jeff and myself felt that we had a reason grip on the rules. So this week we are getting a little more competitive. Del volunteered to referee this week, as Jeff will miss next weeks game and Del and I can play then.

We decided to use the Loot Objectives for this game and I had already put the table together.

We tend to play a narrative game rather than purely competitive, so the back story for this scenario goes like this. A gang of toughs had been living in a small container park and using as their base to raid the local area. On one unfortunate raiding trip they encountered a heavily armed patrol from the local State camp and were wiped out. All the other locals had heard about this and know that these guys have been stealing from everyone and have been quite successful they must have left some decent loot behind. Also their container park may make a good camp  to move into as it is quite well protected, with the river flowing around it!

 I designed the layout with plenty of cover, but also with a few clear sight lines that could cause some tricky manoeuvring to avoid being shot.

We started at opposite corners, these two photos being the view from Jeff's end.

My end of the table looked like this. We decided that the river was deep enough to force a half move rate, although there were crossing points at either end, a ford at Jeff's end and a bridge (of sorts) at my end...

|Jeff's first move was to place his sharpshooter in the ruined brick building, which gave him a good view of at least half the table. He also decided to avoid the ford and take the movement penalty so that he could cross the river in cover behid a container, rather than risk crossing my field of fire...

This weeks game was a lot more cautios than last week, with both of us taking advantage of cover where we could. I sent a couple of my gang (Pyro and Shrimp) around the outside of the table to try to grab the loot token in the corner of the table. The rest I sent across the bridge to spread out and grab what they could there... One thing we decided last week was that we would like a general "Acted" token to confirm when each of our figures had completed their actions. Upon reading through the new "From Sea To Poisoned Sea" book I found that these very things were suggested for the Sollus (zombies). So I promptly cut some Acted tokens, as well as a few extra Hidden tokens as we ran out last week with our three way game...

Both gangs were starting to come together in the middle of the table by this point and it was only a matter of time before things got messy. My figure, Topper, had just picked up some loot hen he spotted one of Jeffs gang between a couple of containers. He took a pot shot with his scattergun, but unfortunately the container door took most of the damage and the other guy managed to dive into cover...

Over on the other side of the table Ronnie (my leader) and Shay-Man (Medic) were laying down some fire to keep Jeff's guys away from the loot tokens, once again most of them managed to stay in cover and avoid too much damage.

A little frustrated with his shooting, Ronnie decided to charge at one of Jeff's figures who had just found some loot. He didn't manage to inflict any damage, but at least she wasn't getting away with the goodies...

Having apparently been forgotten by Jeff's boys Topper advanced to the corner of the container and used his scattergun to take out the guy he had missed earlier.

Meanwhile at the other side things had been moving quite fast. Jeff's leader had run to help his chum as Ronnie laid into her with his short sword. Ronnie had decided that he was better off getting out of that one and broke away from the combat and chased down one of Jeff's other gang members (who was also carrying some loot) as they crossed the river. He quickly despatched them and left the body floating in the river while he continued on to the other side.

Jeff took this opportunity to use his sharpshooter (who had three WAW tokens by this time) to take a shot at Ronnie. I had a trick up my sleeve though and played the Distracted card which meant that the Sharpshooter's shot was an automatic miss and he lost the three WAW tokens into the bargain...

Ronnie then opened up with his SMG and sprayed the building taking out Jeff's shooter...

Back behind the containers Fatboy tried, and failed to hit anything with his RPG, but Shay-Man gave him some support and, using his shotgun,blew Jeff's leader away. Jeff rolled a natural 12 for this save which meant he was completely out of the game.

Sneaking around the outside of the table Shrimp had managed to get some loot back to my starting position...

Topper soon met her their and they decided it was safe enough to leave the loot and offer some support to their friends.

At about this point we finished the game. I had three loot tokens with a value of 60pts and Jeff had only two, with a total value of 15pts. Also I had fairly thrashed him, taking down quite a few of this gang, without any injuries to my gang. 

A clear victory for me, and I must add that a lot of it was down to the sheer good dice rolling on my part. Something I don't usually suffer from...

The more cautious play certainly added to the game this week and we found the event cards really made a difference adding misfortune (or good fortune, depending which way you look at it) for both sides.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Thunderchild Miniatures Wasteman Kickstarter

I have been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks, I have been very busy with other things, but there is still time to jump on this so check it out!

Thunderchild Miniatures are running a Kickstarter campaign to launch their new game Wasteman, a post-apocalyptic skirmish game.


The design of the game has a more "sci-fi" feel to it than say Across The Dead Earth. In fact the miniatures have a something about them that puts me in mind of the UK comic 2000AD. They could easily be from Judge Dredd's Cursed Earth or possibly from the Strontium Dog stories. Many of the inhabitants of this irradiated wasteland are mutated and often in bizarre and horrific ways.

As well as the miniatures there are a couple of interesting parts to the game system that make it stand out from the standard wargame. For a start it uses bottle caps as counters, a nice design twist that has a very Post-Apoc feel.

The other new feature is an innovative base design that uses slots in the bases of the miniatures for damage/wounds. I think this is a very nice way to do it, and could be very popular! 

There are a selection of different factions, or posses. So you can choose whichever flavour takes our fancy (I must admit I would probably go with the Militia).

 There is also an exclusive figure, Radical Trevor, which I must admit, makes they Kickstarter very tempting on his own...

Along with a selection of Addons and extras that are all very useful to a Post-Apoc gamer...

I haven't studied the mechanics of the game as yet, but the cards that come with it and the rulebook itself are both well illustrated and full colour.

 Finally there are some extra large mutants that have some real character. I'd love to get that Rad-Dragon onto my table...

So check it out. Wasteman!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Our First Across The Dead Earth Game...

My gaming group finally got around to starting to play Across The Dead Earth last night. We played a 3 way game that was, on the whole non competitive, as we were mainly focused on learning the rules.

I am going to post a photo walk through and then discuss might thoughts on the game...

We started the three gangs at different edges of the table, Del to the left, Jeff at the top, and myself at the bottom in this overview.

Del was using some Wargames Factory Apocalypse  Survivors figures and he had put them together as characters from The Walking Dead, unfortunately I don't watch the series so, other than Rick and Darryl I am not familiar with their names...

Jeff was using a mix of figures, but had used The Family as the basis for his gang.

I am using the Red Claw Gang (from Dead Earth Games, if you weren't already aware).

As it is a learning game, we had limited the game to 300pts per gang, so Jeff and I only had four minis a side and Del had managed to get five.

Del made the first move and got his sharpshooter into a good position overlooking a good part of the table. Jeff moved one of his crew slowly into the middle of the table and I sent Fatboy on to the fuel storage tank with his RPG.

Once we had finished the first turn, Del's sharpshooter took a pot shot at Jeff's guy and laid him out. First blood to Del!

Del's confidence grew and he sent his leader (Rick) further across the table, covered by his sharpshooter perched on the first floor of the ruined building.

Jeff sent his medic to raise his fallen man, which he did.

Jeff's view of Del's gang, made for a worrying sight. Del seemed to be focusing on Jeff's gang first.

I sent Ronnie across to take out some of Jeff's crew too. Why waste an opportunity, when the guy is being harassed already! Ronnie used his SMG to take out Jeff's sharpshooter, but hadn't noticed one of Jeff's other gang members sneaking around some barrels...
By the way, the yellow loot token by Ronnie is actually proxying as a Hidden token (we were all being quite cautious, and using lots of them). Due to this I have just cut quite a few more green Hidden tokens, so that we will have plenty next time.

 Jeff's sneaky gang member ran over and stabbed Ronnie while he wasn't looking, however, this enraged my rather loopy medic, Shay-Man who took out the assassin with his shotgun. He then ran over to Ronnie and started to patch him up.

Meanwhile at the other side of the table, Del sent Darryl, with his crossbow, around to deal with Jeff's leader. Unfortunately the bolt missed, and Darryl got a load of buckshot to the gut in return...

Shay-Man attempted to heal Ronnie, but was struggling to staunch the bleeding. Meanwhile Jeff's medic went to work on his sharpshooter.

Fatboy, getting sick of waiting for a target to come into range of his RPG, had  jump down off of the fuel storage tank and ran towards Del's sharpshooter. He threw some rather ungentlemanly remarks at the young lady and in a rage she decided to leave her vantage point and deal with the brute "mano e mano" (actually, I had played a Taunt card, which forced the mini to come out and fight me hand to hand).

However, before she could move, Rick decided that he didn't like way Fatboy had spoken to his pal so he opened up with his rifle and laid him out...

My gang member Topper, took advantage of all the action to run over and hide behind some bushes, getting ready to shoot Rick on the next turn. Unfortunately he was spotted by one of Del's more aggressive gang members who ran at him wielding to hand weapons. It was too much for Topper who only had a knife, and he was KOed.

Jeff's medic had healed his sharpshooter, and also his leader had run across to the barrels to try to help out. However, Shay-Man shot Jeff's leader and then went back to trying to rouse Ronnie.

 Del thought he was doing well taking out Topper on the last turn, in fact he finished him off this time. Unfortunate for Del, Topper had managed to plant a booby trap in the bushes before he was taken out, and as Del's figure moved further through the trees she was caught in a blast to KOed her to.

Del sent Rick forward, but he ran straight into a hail of bullets, just as his medic was tending to the casualty under the trees. Del also brought his sharpshooter out of the ruined building and she was advancing to support Rick...

 This was where we called a halt to the game. Del's gang was nominally the winners as they had the most members left standing. My medic, Shay-Man was having trouble getting Ronnie back on his feet, which may have changed things a bit, and also Jeff had had some trouble getting his sharpshooter healed, which tied up his medic for a few turns too...

We all really enjoyed the game, even though we spent a lot of time diving in to the rules as we encountered different situations. We are looking forward to playing again next week, and also discussing whether we go for a full blown campaign or just play individual games each week. We usually prefer to play to 2 player games, even though there are three of us, as this allows one of us to act as referee, and rules checker. We will do another three way game next week, but then we will go over to two player games...

Now, lets look at our feelings on the rules themselves. Obviously, this is only our first game, I am sure we made quite a few mistakes, and with a bit more play we will hopefully get up to speed with them. However, we did find some of the dice modifiers to be quite confusing. Some of the modifiers are takes from the target number, while others are added to the dice roll. It would be a lot simpler if they were all done one way or the other. Also some rolls need high results while others need low results. Once again this could be improved a little. Other than those concerns we were all very pleased with the game, and some aspects really stood out. In particular, we all enjoyed the Event Card system, which added a nice level of uncertainty and led to a few surprises.

Next week we have upped the points for each gang to 400. So we should be fielding slightly larger forces, also we will probably add in some of the loot tokens as objectives! Flow should be smoother and we will hopefully get a better feel for the game.