PA Books

Some PA reading that offers some flavour and ideas useful for anyone developing a Post Apocalyptic game. This is a far from complete list, and I will add more as I find them. If you know of any that are not on this list please leave a comment and I will add it!

A Canticle of Leibowitz
Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
Damnation Alley
One Man's Island
The Horseclans
The Road
The Time Machine by H. G Wells
The Postman by David Brin
The Afterblight Chronicles: 01 The Culled by Simon Spurrier, August 2006
The Afterblight Chronicles: 02 Kill or Cure by Rebecca Levene, April 2007
The Afterblight Chronicles: 03 School's Out by Scott Andrews, September 2007
The Afterblight Chronicles: 04 Dawn Over Doomsday by Jasper Bark, April 2008
The Afterblight Chronicles: 05 Arrowhead by Paul Kane, September 2008
The Afterblight Chronicles: 06 Operation Motherland by Scott Andrews, May 2009
The Afterblight Chronicles: 07 Death Got No Mercy by Al Ewing, October 2009
The Afterblight Chronicles: 08 Broken Arrow by Paul Kane, November 2009
The Afterblight Chronicles: 09 Children's Crusade by Scott Andrews, August 2010
The Afterblight Chronicles: 10 Arrowland by Paul Kane ?
The Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre
The Stand by Stephen King
Swan Song by  Robert R. McCammon
The Passage by Justin Cronin
The Twelve by Justin Cronin


  1. Stephen King: The Stand
    Robert R. McCammon:Swan Song
    Justin Cronin:The Passage
    The Twelve

  2. Two favorites of mine are the Endworld Series by David Robbins and the Deathlands series.

  3. Metro 2033
    The Death of Grass
    I'll second the Deathlands series besides the gun porn it has some interesting ideas in there

    1. Have you seen No Blade of Grass, the movie adaptation of The Death of Grass? It's very dated, but still one of my favourite PA movies...